Why we have IIP

Legislative actions and policy governing the Program:

FAR 52.226-1 Utilization of Indian Organizations, Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises, and Native Hawaiian Small Business Concerns

DFAR 252.226-7001 Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-Owned Economic Enterprises 

DFAR 226.103 Indian Incentive Program Procedures 

25 USC 1452 Financing Economic Development of Indians and Indian Organizations 

43 USC 1601 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act 

43 USC 1602 Definition of Native Alaskan 

25 USC 1544 Additional 5% compensation authorization to contractors of Federal agency 

PL 100-442 Amendment adding Section 504 to the Indian Financing Act 



If you have any questions about the IIP, email us at osd.pentagon.ousd-atl.mbx.osbp-iip1@mail.mil