Goals and Performance
View the Small Business Program Goals and Performance site for DoD's present fiscal year goals in prime contracting and subcontracting, as well as DoD's performance history.
Subcontracting for Small Businesses
View the "DoD Prime Contractor Directory" to find pertinent information about DoD's prime contractor, including POC information of the individual (contractor employee) administering the contractor's subcontracting plan.       
Subcontracting for Small Business and Contracting/Acquisition Professionals (Government and Industry)
View procedures and guidance documents related to subcontracting plans and reporting. The guidance is relevant for DoD Contracting Officials and Small Business Professionals, as well as Contractors preparing subcontracting plans and subcontracting reports.         
DoD Test Program for a Comprehensive
Subcontracting Plan

View information about DoD's Test Program for a Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan.