DoD Test Program for a Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan - Requirements

Requirements for the Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program Test period

October 1, 1990 through September 30, 2010

Eligible contractors:

A business concern that during the preceding fiscal year:

  • Performed under at least three DoD contracts (supplies and services) aggregating $5 million or more,
  • Achieved a SDB subcontracting rate of 5% or more (not applicable to eight original participants).

Participants must:

  • Establish comprehensive subcontracting plans on the same corporate, division or plant-wide basis under which a SF 295 (Summary Subcontract Report) was submitted the previous fiscal year
  • Have reported on SF 295 during the past fiscal year (except for "lower level" participants)
  • Accept a SDB goal for each fiscal year of not less than 5% or not less than established under detail plan to achieve 5%
  • Comply with DFARS Subpart 215 for source selection purposes
  • Offer a broad range of subcontracting opportunities
  • Voluntarily agree to participate
  • Have at least one active contract that requires a subcontracting plan at the designated DoD contracting activity.