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The DoD is committed to supporting the acquisition workforce by developing the skills of small business professionals (SBPs). SBPs are responsible for maximizing small business opportunities and facilitating their success in the Department’s small business programs. As such, it is imperative that they be properly trained.

Found throughout the DoD, SBPs contribute at all stages of the acquisition process to raise the visibility of small business contributions, capabilities, and expertise. These small business professionals assist acquisition teams with requirements generation, solicitation preparation, acquisition strategy and plans, and other required documentation to ensure that appropriate priorities are given to businesses, including non-traditional small businesses, large businesses, nonprofits, and academic institutions to facilitate strong relationships between the government stakeholders and the small business community. They also assist with market research and raise the visibility of how a certain industry sector can contribute to all phases of the acquisition process. Additionally, they assist with compliance (subcontracting and limitations on subcontracting) during contract performance. SBPs execute and support small business programs, such as the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP) and the Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs, and advise on small business preferences, priorities, instruments, and activities of other DoD small business programs.

Leading the efforts to support SBPs, the DoD Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Director is designated as the Small Business Functional Lead (FL). The role of the Small Business FL is to serve as the senior DoD subject-matter expert for small business matters relating to the oversight and management of the small business professionals. The Small Business FL has a responsibility to establish, oversee, and maintain qualifications, certification, and training platforms to meet present and future needs of DoD.

Because SBPs are a critical part of the acquisition workforce, the Small Business FL strongly encourages them to obtain and maintain knowledge required to perform their duties. To support these knowledge requirements, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) developed the CSBP 001 Small Business Professional Credential in April 2021. An updated credential, CSBP 001A, is projected to be available for new enrollments by the end of Q4FY2024. Enrollment in the previous credential program, CSBP 001, is unavailable at this time.

Credential courses provide knowledge in baseline business processes, tools, legislation/policies, and procedures, including small business and socioeconomic programs. To receive the credential, a candidate must complete online and virtual instructor-led courses, as well as successfully pass the credential assessment. All credential courses have either a final exam or a capstone project.


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Recommended Continuous Learning Points

  • CLC 011 – Contracting for the Rest of Us (2 CLPs)
    The course provides people who do not work in the Contracting functional area with a basic knowledge of some of the essential processes and considerations that DoD Contracting professionals encounter to satisfy their customers’ requirements.
  • CLC 054 – Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) (1 CLP)
    This module is an overview of the primary purpose of eSRS which is to provide insight and transparency as to how Government contracting dollars are being distributed among small and small disadvantaged businesses. The Internet-based eSRS streamlines the reporting process of subcontracting plans and provides agencies with access to analytical data on subcontracting performance.
  • CLE 028 – Market Research for Engineering & Technical Personnel (2 CLPs)
    This course describes market research from the perspective of technical personnel. It explains the practical value and discusses the government mandate to conduct market research. The course addresses market research team membership, sources for obtaining market data, and techniques for technical evaluation and documentation of market information.
  • CLE 074 – Cybersecurity throughout DoD Acquisition (4 CLPs)
    This module provides foundational understanding of basic principles of cybersecurity and cybersecurity risk management in the defense acquisition field.
  • CLM 059 – Fundamentals of Small Business for the Acquisition Workforce (7 CLPs)
    This module is designed to provide the acquisition workforce the tools and understanding of how to ensure maximum practicable small business participation in DoD acquisitions and describes where and how Small Business Professionals (SBPs) support the acquisition team in DoD acquisitions.
  • CON 0040 – Market Research (3 CLPs)
    The requirement to conduct market research is not policy; it’s the law. This online training course provides a foundational understanding of the benefits of effective market research to reduce acquisition costs and cycle times and provide greater access to advanced technologies. This course covers the differences between tactical and strategic market research; how to consolidate market research results to develop an acquisition strategy.
  • CON 0090 – Strategies for Contracting with SDVOSBs (1 CLP)
    This module explains the basic requirements of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Program, provides certain benefits for businesses owned by service-disabled veterans seeking contracts with the federal government.
  • CON 0590 – Management of Subcontracting Compliance (CLPs TBD)
    This course presents an engaging and interactive learning environment. Topics include pre-award considerations affecting post-award subcontracting compliance, set-asides and subcontracting limitations, small business subcontracting, small business participation, and subcontracting compliance management.

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SBP Credential Requirements

CSBP 001A SBP Credential
This credential provides key, baseline business processes, tools, legislation/policies, and procedures, including funded programs and socioeconomic programs. The expectations of Small Business Professionals (SBPs) throughout the Department are discussed to help provide an understanding of where and how they fit into the defense acquisition landscape. Students will apply basic and intermediate knowledge of the legislation, policies, acquisition process, and market research techniques required to advise stakeholders effectively, advocate for maximum small business participation in defense acquisitions, and to educate small businesses about how to do business with the DoD. An overview of small business decision-making throughout the acquisition process, contributions of the SBP, the role of the Small Business Administration (SBA), strategies to educate internal and external audiences on small business matters small business, special programs, subcontracting, small business participation, limitations on subcontracting, the source selection evaluation process, and post-award issues will be addressed. This new CSBP 001A Small Business Professional credential will be deployed by September 30, 2024.

Level 1

  • SBP 1010 Introduction to Small Business Programs, Part A
    Online Training

Level 2

  • SBP 2010 Intermediate Small Business Programs, Part A
    Online Training
  • SBP 2020V Intermediate Small Business Programs, Part B
    Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • SBP 2100V Subcontracting
    Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • CSBP 001A Capstone Assessment

Level 3

  • SBP 301V, Small Business for Senior Leaders
    Virtual Instructor-Led Training
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