IIP documents


IIP Rebate Request Documents

Please download, fill out and submit these documents section in order to request rebates from OSBP. Below, you will also find an informational factsheet and an informational PowerPoint briefing about the program.

Contracting Officer Request Letter To be used by Contracting Officer to submit rebate request to OSBP IIP 

IIP Prime Contractor Letter to Contracting Officer To be used by Prime Contracting Company to submit rebate request to Contracting Officer 

IIP Self Certification Form Providing proof of Native American/Native Hawaiian/ANC ownership 

IIP Subcontractor Letter to Prime Contractor To be used by Sub Contractor to provide Prime Contractor with Invoices and Self Certification Form 

Non-Affiliation Self Verification Form To be filled out by Prime Contractor providing proof that Prime Contractor has no affiliation with Subcontractor 

Indian Incentive Program Checklist To be used by Contracting Officer when submitting rebate request to OSBP IIP 

Indian Incentive Program Fact Sheet About the Indian Incentive Program 




If you have any questions about the IIP email us at osd.pentagon.ousd-atl.mbx.osbp-iip1@mail.mil