Tips for Marketing to DoD

Are you a small business interested in working for DoD? Check out these tips.

10 Tips

  1. Follow the money. 
  2. Arm yourself with information and facts, not emotion.
  3. Find your niche. Don’t try to be everything to everybody.
  4. Target your market and understand your prospective customer’s mission, environment, challenges and hot buttons.
  5. Meet with Small Business Professionals
  6. Don’t provide a standard, canned presentation to potential customers. Research their requirements and understand their challenges.
  7. Explain how your service or product has a positive impact on a project’s cost, schedule and performance.
  8. Identify your differentiators—what separates you from other great performers?
  9. Translate the relevancy of your past performance; don’t expect a prospective customer to do it for you.
  10. When you meet with Program Managers and Contracting Officers, be prepared to discuss a real requirement, not your generic capabilities.


Other Defense Agencies

Other Defense Agencies


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