OSBP Brand Guidelines and Resources

Collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of our work to maximize opportunities for small businesses to work with the Department of Defense. This page contains key elements of our Brand Guide including the assets and tools to create materials on our behalf or in partnership with us.

The purpose of the Brand Guide is to ensure that the visual design elements of the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) are applied correctly in every application in which we are identified. Following these published guidelines is essential to the consistency and uniformity of OSBP's identity, resulting in greater visibility, increased recognition, and powerful outreach possibilities. 

All elements of the OSBP brand identity have been carefully designed to support its mission and vision, and to honor the relationship between OSBP and the DoD as its governing agency. The OSBP Strategic Communications Team is available to coach you through the use of the brand and answer any questions you have. Contact us for support>>


Primary Brand Mark

The OSBP roundel logo is used almost exclusively to identify the organization and consists of the seal on a blue gradient background and contained within a roundel. Together, the roundel seal is everything within the outer blue border. 


  • Perfect circle of equal height and width
  • Must never appear small than 0.5" or 0.5px
  • Must always be given a clearance at least as wide as 1/6 of its diameter (approximately the width from the inner white band to the outer blue band)


Proper Usage 

These examples of proper usage are representative of the most common scenarios and are not all-inclusive. For further questions regarding the use of the OSBP brand, please contact OSBP’s Strategic Communications Team



Improper Usage

These examples of improper usage are representative of the most common issues and are not all-inclusive. For further questions regarding the use of the OSBP brand,  please contact OSBP’s Strategic Communications Team





Downloadable Logos

The OSBP Roundel Logo is available to download. Please contact us if you have any questions about which file format is appropriate for your project.

Instructions to Download: 
1) Click the file you want to download.
2) A new browser window will open.
3) Right click on the image to save it to your local computer.




Color Palette

Beyond the OSBP Roundel Logo, color is another recognizable aspect of OSBP’s brand identity. Using color appropriately is the easiest way to ensure our marketing materials create a cohesive and memorable OSBP brand to differentiate our materials from others. The Color Palette section outlines the colors that are associated with OSBP and how they should be used across various media and contexts.


Color Codes

Below are the primary colors that are associated with OSBP, as well as grayscale and accent colors that may be used in conjunction with them. The chart provides Hex, Pantone, and CMYK color values to ensure consistency in both digital and physical product design.



Palette Usage, Mixing, and Distribution

The primary palette should always occupy more than half of the color distribution in any given context (as demonstrated in the example below). The grayscale and accent palettes exist to support OSBP’s primary palette. Use of these secondary palettes should never become the majority of any design or product.

Grayscale palette colors can be used in larger quantities than the accent palette, roughly one-third of the distribution.

The accent palette use should strive to be strategic and utilized in small amounts for added variation and dimension, around one-fourth of the color distribution within a design.





The Typography section of this brand guide outlines the typefaces and typography that are associated with OSBP and how they should be used across various media and contexts. To preserve continuity and alignment, OSBP official typefaces are the same as the DoD: Oswald, Lato, and Crimson Text, and shall be used across all platforms and media. All OSBP typefaces are readily available online for download at no cost.

Typefaces and Fonts

  • Oswald - a bold, robust, and modern condensed sans serif typeface designed to work well on digital devices.
  • Lato - a sans serif typeface created for legibility, communicating warmth, stability, and seriousness
  • Crimson Text - a traditional serif typeface that communicates warmth and credibility at both large and smaller font sizes



Typeface Alternatives

In cases where OSBP's official typefaces are not available, the typeface’s alternate may be used.

  • Oswald --> Franklin Condensed Medium
  • Lato --> Arial
  • Crimson Text --> Times New Roman


Type Usage

Please reference the chart for guidance on how and when to use each font.