Read the National Defense Strategy. The Honorable Kevin Fahey, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition) at #BPIIMPTW18

If you haven't read the National Defense Strategy, please do. If you have read it, reread it. Mr. Kenneth Brennan at #BPIIMPTW18

The National Defense Strategy has three priorities:
1. Build a More Lethal Force 
2. Strengthen Alliances and Attract New Partners 
3. Reform the Department for Greater Performance and Affordability 

“A strong and responsive research and development (R&D) enterprise has always been the backbone of defense innovation—and is crucial to delivering cutting-edge military technology.” 2018 National Defense Strategy #BPIIMPTW18

“Where do you want to be in five years and who do you want to be with?” Mr. Shannon Jackson at #BPIIMPTW18

Know who you are and what you want to be." @CyberspaceSol President Jason Goodfriend at #BPIIMPTW18

To bring the future to the present, you have to reverse things: the last thing first and then work backwards. @UCLA Professor Moshe Rubinstein at #BPIIMPTW18 

There are no limits, no discrimination for any solid business idea and a person who can implement it. Movandi's Reza Rofougaran #BPIIMPTW18

We don't expect you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a System Security Plan. @DoD_CIO's Vicki Michetti at #BPIIMPTW18

DoD will not certify that a contractor is compliant with the @usnistgov SP 800-171 security requirements. Third-party assessments or certifications of compliance are not required, authorized or recognized by DoD. Defense Pricing and Contracting's Mary Thomas at #BPIIMPTW18

MD5 provides facilities, access, materials and training to entrepreneurs to develop, iterate and refine their technology up to TRL 6/7. Mr. Scott Aughenbaugh at #BPIIMPTW18

Innovation occurs at the intersection of dynamic people in distinctive places with unique challenges. @DEFENSEWERX's Laurie Moncrieff at #BPIIMPTW18

Writing compliant, compelling proposals is the hardest thing to do in this industry. @CyberspaceSol President Jason Goodfriend at #BPIIMPTW18

SBIR opens up your mind. Mr. Reza Rofougaran at #BPIIMPTW18

“Don’t ever believe that you are an island unto yourself. All of us need somebody to achieve our goals.” @bethunecookman Acting President Hubert Grimes at #BPIIMPTW18 

DoD's Mentor-Protege program has been a game-changing catalyst for us. @Mobiusllc CEO Melaine Privitera at #BPIIMPTW18

“We’ve had exponential growth since we’ve been in the [DoD Mentor-Protege] program.” Fifth Gait Technologies CEO Kathryn Doughty at #BPIIMPTW18

#Orlando, you were most excellent! #BPIIMPTW18 was a success and we made so many new connections. Thanks to all the government agencies, companies, and attendees who helped put on and came out to this event. #FridayFeeling #Funding #GovTech #SmallBusiness