DoD Regional Councils

The Department of Defense (DoD) Regional Councils for Small Business Education and Advocacy are a nationwide network of small business and acquisition professionals, from government and industry, organized to promote the Federal Small Business Programs.

The DoD Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) established seven Regional Councils to support a small business training program.  Per 15 U.S.C. 644(k)(13) and as outlined in DoDI 4205.01(2)(g), responsibilities of the DoD Director of Small Business Programs include training for DoD small business professionals and other DoD acquisition personnel.

The Councils provide a unique, single forum whereby small business and acquisition professionals, located nationwide, can gather for training, disseminate information and share ideas in a collaborative effort to address issues impacting their small business programs.  The training is often held in conjunction with other outreach efforts to solicit small businesses.

The Councils afford a reasonable, accessible and cost effective way to ensure that the workforce has the pertinent training, tools and resources.

In addition, the Councils are a venue to ensure that policy from the Office of the Secretary of Defense is passed to the field levels and that the training supports DoD’s initiatives.  As a result, the workforce will become more effective participants in the acquisition process, and be empowered to promote effective competition and increase small business participation in DoD contracting and subcontracting.

The Councils serve the members by offering a venue to disseminate statutes and regulatory policies, changes and updates, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback for collective action to affect small business issues.  No other training forum or organization offers this type of small business support.  The DoD OSBP considers the councils to be a vital component of its overall mission. 

The Regional Councils provide the following principle benefits for its members:

  • Access to information to ensure the effective utilization of small businesses throughout the acquisition process, to include acquisition strategy, contract award and compliance
  • Opportunity to network with other professionals sharing common goals
  • Opportunity to provide input on proposed policies, business processes  and small business-related initiatives
  • Opportunity to support small business outreach effort
  • Membership is a group that serves as a strong advocate for small business

Council members come from three communities of Small Business Professionals:

  • Government: DoD and other federal agencies
  • Industry: Small Business Liaison Officers
  • Resource Partners: Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, Minority and Business Development Centers, etc.

Small businesses are not council members.

Join Us

Become a council member or attend council training events to promote and strengthen Federal small business programs.  Review each Regional Council for contact information. 

Regional Councils Charter

The DoD Regional Council charter provides the overall organizational structure.  The council board members review and make recommended changes on an annual basis.