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Pacific Northwest Regional Charter

The Pacific Northwest Regional Council (PNWRC), dedicated to Small Business Education and Advocacy, is one of the seven regional Small Business Councils, sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). These councils are dedicated to enhancing the utilization of small businesses, to include those small businesses owned by the disadvantaged, women, veterans, service-disabled veterans and firms located in Historically Underutilized Business Zones across the country. The councils are comprised of Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Directors from the DoD, Small Business Professionals from other Federal civilian agencies as well as Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO) from large Federal prime contractors, non-profits, universities, and educational institutions, all sharing the related mission to support and utilize small business.


The Council serves its member by offering a forum to learn about successful small business utilization techniques, quick dissemination of legal and regulatory changes and other information, and an opportunity for collective action to affect small business issues. No other training forum or organization offers this type of small business support and most Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Directors and Small Business Professionals consider the council a vital component of their overall mission-related efforts.

The PNWRC provides the following principle benefits for its members:

  • Easy access to information concerning Federal acquisition and small business programs.
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals sharing common goals.
  • Opportunities to provide input on proposed public and private policy and small business-related initiatives.
  • Opportunities to support small business outreach efforts.
  • Membership in a group that serves as a strong advocate for small business. 


Active voting membership is limited to employees of the Federal Government promoting the small business program. Associate, non-voting membership may be extended to personnel of non-profit organizations for the interests of small business, such as Small business Development Centers, and Procurement Technical Assistance Centers and to personnel acting as Small Business Liaison Officers with area contractors.

Council Officers

Chair: Carol McIntyre Carol.A.Mcintyre@usace.army.mil 
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers - Portland, OR

Vice Chair: Diane Kostelecky diane.kostelecky@navy.mil
Navy - U.S. Navy / NUWC

Secretary: Kenyon Taylor Kenyon.Taylor@gsa.gov
General Services Administration (GSA) - Washington, DC

Treasurer: Stephanie Higgins Stephanie.Higgins@navy.mil
Department of Navy - US Navy/NAVFAC