For Contracting and Small Business Professionals (government and industry)


DoD Subcontracting Program – Business Rules and Processes for (1) Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), (2) Subcontracting Plans, (3) Preparing and Reviewing Related Subcontract Reports


This guidance document is multipurpose and includes several sections which may be relevant to different users.


  • Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS): deals with the rules, processes and responsibilities of those dealing with the government’s system to collect subcontract data.
  • Subcontracting Plans: deals with the various types of plans and their reporting requirements and includes a checklist (appendix) for reviewing subcontracting plans (appendix).
  • Preparing and Reviewing Related Subcontract Reports (appendices): includes several guides (checklists) to assist contracting officers/specialists and small business professionals from government and industry. The guides (checklists) can be used by contractors when preparing the reports and by the contracting officers when reviewing the reports. Each guide (checklist) contains information about the subcontract report, a breakdown of the data contained in the report, roles/responsibilities and required actions.

The appendices in the guidance document are also provided as separate stand-alone documents:


Contracting Officials and Small Business Professionals, from government and industry, may use these checklists to prepare or review subcontracting plans and subcontracting reports, to ensure the plan addresses all of the required elements and that the reports are submitted correctly and completely. The checklists serves as a basis and can be expanded to include additional space to address the relevance of the goals, market research information, signatures for approval, etc. 


DFARS PGI 219.7 also includes the URL link to this website. 


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