SOCOM Small Business Director Chris Harrington

DoD Small Business Offices

Are you a small business interested in working for DoD? Small Business Professionals inside Small Business Offices can help you understand their organization’s mission, challenges and requirements. They can also help you identify prime contracting and subcontracting requirements. 

Links to DoD Small Business Office websites are included below. 

Army, Navy and Air Force 


In fiscal year 2015, the Army awarded $17 billion in prime contracts to small businesses, more than any other agency in the federal government. 

Check out the Navy OSBP's current Strategic Plan

Air Force
The Air Force OSBP aims to create and implement strategies that bring innovative, agile and efficient small business solutions to DoD.

Other Defense Agencies

Other Defense Agencies

Other Defense Agencies


Are you interested in identifying small business contracting opportunities at SOCOM? A recent DoD OSBP blog post profiles SOCOM Small Business Director Chris HarringtonMr. Harrington served 20 years in the Air Force, including 15 years in the acquisition career field.


In this video, Missile Defense Agency Small Business Director Lee Rosenberg describes the support his office provides to small businesses. After spending 21 years in the Army, Mr. Rosenberg worked for several defense contractors.