Check out the slides from DoD's SBIR Beyond Phase II (BPII) and Mentor-Protege Training Week (MPTW), which was Aug. 14-17, 2017, in Chicago. The event featured an outstanding lineup of speakers, tons of opportunities for networking and an awards ceremony recognizing the fiscal year 2016 Nunn-Perry award winners. You can find #BPII17 tweets here and #MPTW17 tweets here.






Speaker Quotes

We appreciate the BPII/MPTW speakers for sharing their valuable insights with attendees. Can you match the quotes below to the correct speakers?

  1. “You can knock a golf ball around, but you can’t knock people around.” 
  2. “We never cease being protégés.” 
  3. “Our diversity makes us strong.”
  4. “We have to overload the circuits with [small business] success stories.” 
  5. “We don’t talk about goals. We talk about meeting the mission of our customers.” 
  6. “You should always have a side hustle.” 
  7. “Don’t forget the third win. How is it going to benefit MDA?” 
  8. “Army Mentor-Protégé agreements are tied to a mission requirement.” 
  9. “Once a protégé, always a protégé.” 
  10. “As a small business, you have to be lean, flexible, agile, mobile and capable.” 
  11. “There are a lot of synergies between the SBIR and RIF Programs.” 
  12. “Use the [SBIR] pre-release period. Call the topic author.” 
  13. “We have to make sure it’s not a fair fight. We have to bring our kids home.” 
  14. “The mentor-protégé relationship is a marathon.” 
  15. “We are revamping the DoD Mentor-Protégé program to make it better.” 
  16. “Your best allies stand beside you, celebrate your successes and become part of the solution.” 
  17. "There is always a flip side.” 
  18. “With RIF, there are multiple ways to get your technology out of your workspace and into the hands of the warfighter.” 
  19. “R&D is a very risky sport.” 
  20. “New MPP agreements will focus on DoD technology gaps and defense-industrial-base challenges.”

1. Dr. Marvin Carroll 2. Dr. James Galvin 3. Dr. James Galvin 4. Ms. Emily Harman 5. Ms. Emily Harman 6. Mr. Robert Smith 7. Mr. Lee Rosenberg 8. Mr. Tommy Marks 9. Mr. Jeff Krongaard 10. Mr. Rodney Williams 11. Mr. Scott Bartlett 12. Ms. Lee Ann Boyer 13. Mr. Jim Sweeney 14. Mr. Shannon Jackson 15. Ms. Alice Williams 16. Mr. John Dignam 17. Mr. Michael Rochelle 18. Ms. Ellen Purdy 19. Ms. Ellen Purdy 20. Mr. Shannon Jackson

  • Mr. Jamie Adams
  • Ms. Becky Aistrup
  • Mr. Anthony Aldrich
  • Mr. Riki Barbour
  • Mr. Jeffrey Barnett
  • Mr. Scott Bartlett
  • Mr. Solomon Berman
  • Ms. Lee Ann Boyer
  • Mr. Ted Bujewski
  • Mr. Kirk Burton
  • Mr. Rodney Carpenter
  • Dr. Marvin Carroll
  • Mr. Robert Chapell
  • Ms. Sandra Clifford
  • Ms. Camylle Coley
  • Ms. Ruth Dailey
  • Mr. John Dignam
  • Ms. Pamela Dogbe
  • Mr. Kale English
  • Mr. Wayne Evans
  • Ms. Tatia Evelyn-Bellamy
  • Ms. Tracy Frost
  • Dr. James Galvin
  • Ms. Margot Gasque
  • Mr. Jere Glover
  • Mr. Jim Greenwood
  • Mr. Carlton Hagans
  • Mr. Monroe Harden 
  • Ms. Emily Harman
  • Mr. Chris Harris
  • Mr. Shannon Jackson
  • Mr. Ed Jameson
  • Mr. Jeffrey Krongaard
  • Mr. Richard Lile
  • Mr. Tizoc Loza 
  • Mr. Tommy Marks
  • Mr. Mike McComas
  • Mr. Tony Melita
  • Ms. Sharron Morrow
  • Ms. Elizabeth Mudd
  • Ms. Karen Mumford 
  • Ms. Mary Nawab
  • Mr. Craig Owens
  • Mr. Wayne Pizer
  • Mr. Larry Pollack
  • Ms. Ellen Purdy
  • Mr. Steve Reed
  • Mr. Michael Rochelle
  • Mr. Lee Rosenberg
  • Mr. Tim Ryan
  • Mr. Rob Saunders
  • Mr. Anthony Sebasto
  • Ms. Jangela Shumskas
  • Mr. David Sikora
  • Mr. Jim Sweeney
  • Mr. Lafayette Thomas
  • Ms. Shelly Thomas
  • Mr. Mark Tiner
  • Ms. Anna Urman
  • Ms. Thosie Varga
  • Mr. George Wang
  • Ms. Alice Williams
  • Mr. Rodney Williams
  • Mr. A.J. Yarmie